Welcome to the TEXTCOURT database of Chinese court theatre scripts.

The database is organised into three thematic sections:

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Dramatic Texts

The core of our database is our selection of Chinese court theatre Scripts and the Plays that they were written for. Scripts can also belong to Collections.

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Entities are items of data (such as people and objects) that appear in our collection of Chinese court theatre Scripts. There are different Types of entities, each containing different Entity Categories. Entities can also be linked together through Analytical Groups based on their analytical relevance to one another. Entity Categories and Analytical Groups are provided for convenience of navigation and are not intended to be definitive or authoritative statements of entity classification. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the categorisation/analytical grouping of entities in our database at textcourt@ames.ox.ac.uk

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Foreign Records

Many visitors recorded their impression of Chinese court theatre in their travelogues and diaries. Foreign Records include a list of texts written by envoys and translators on Chinese drama.

Foreign Records by Region

Western Korean Vietnamese

All Foreign Records and related data

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