The Travels of Everard Isbrand Ides. 1

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The Travels of Everard Isbrand Ides. 1
The travels of Everard Isbrand Ides, the Russian ambassador, in China, in 1693
Evert Ysbrants Ides
London: Printed for Thomas Astley
Translation of Driejaarige reize naar China, te lande gedaan door den Moskovischen afgezant (Dutch, missing from our catalogue)
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WHILST they were at Table, the principal Player, upon his Knees,
presented the Mandarin with a Book of red Paper, containing a List of
Plays written in black Letters; of which the Mandarin having chosen one,
he bowed his Head to the Earth; and then rising up, began the

FIRST, entred a very beautiful Lady, magnificently dressed in Cloth of
Gold, adorned with Jewels, and a Crown on her Head. She sang her Speech,
with a charming Voice, and agreeable Motion of the Body, playing with
her Hands; in one of which she held a Fan. The Prologue thus performed,
the Play followed; the Story of which turned upon a Chinese Emperor long
since dead, who had behaved himself well towards his Country; and, in
Honour of whose Memory, the Play was written. Sometimes he appeared in
royal Robes, with a flat Ivory Sceptre in his Hand; and sometimes his
Officers shewed themselves with Ensigns, Arms, Drums, &c.

BY Intervals, a Sort of Farce was acted by their Lacqueys, whose antic
Dress, and painted Faces, (says the Ambassador) were as well as any I
have seen in Europe. As far as was interpreted to him, it was very
diverting: Especially one Part; which represented a Person who had been
tricked into a Marriage with a leud Woman; and, fancying her constant to
him, had the Mortification to see another make Love to her before his
Face: They also, according to their Manner, danced to the Lute. Three
several Plays were acted, which held till towards Midnight. The
twenty-eight,[1] setting forwards, he passed a floating wooden Bridge
over the River Lungo, which runs South-Eastwards to the Sea.

[1] The Dates, which are omitted in the Original, are inserted from the
Order of Time, and the Journal of Adam Brand, Secretary to the Embassy.