Ta Tsing Leu Lee

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Ta Tsing Leu Lee
Ta Tsing Leu Lee. Penal Code of China.
George Thomas Staunton (1781-1859)
London: T. Cadell and W. Davies
Page 1

SECTION CCCLXXIV. — Officers of Government frequenting the company of
Prostitutes and Actresses.

Civil or military officers of government, and the sons of those who
possess hereditary rank, when found guilty of frequenting the company of
prostitutes and actresses, shall be punished with 60 blows.

All persons who are guilty of negotiating such criminal meetings and
intercourse, shall suffer the punishment next in degree.

One clause.

SECTION CCCLXXV. — Strolling Players.

All strolling players who are guilty of purchasing the sons or daughters
of free persons, in order to educate them as actors or actresses; or who
are guilty of marrying or adopting as children such free persons, shall,
in each case, be punished with 100 blows.

All persons who knowingly fell free persons to such strolling players,
and all females born of free parents, who voluntarily intermarry with
them, shall be punishable in the manner aforesaid.

The person who negotiates the transaction, shall in each cafe suffer the
punishmemt next in degree; the money paid, shall always be forfeited to
government, and the females shall be sent back to their parents or

Three clauses.